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Pakhtunkhwa Open Source Foundation

The foundation aims to encourage development and general use of open source technologies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, enhance participation in open source projects and build a collaborative community of educational institutions and software and hardware based industries.

  • Celebrate excellence, openness and service within the Open Source community.

  • Enable communication and cooperation amongst Open Source communities;

  • Foster the use of open-source software & applications;

  • Champion the use of open-source and community participation through the development of an open education curriculum

  • Celebrate excellence, openness and service within the Open Source community.

Our approach

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We are highly accredited by all of our local partners 



We maintain close working relationships with our key partners. To us, they form a ‘partner ecosystem’.

Meet Our Team

These enthusiasts, experts and advisors are making sure the Living Open Source community is well served.

Lutfullah kakakhel
Lutfullah kakakhel Founder
Experience with a demonstrated history of working in administering and imparting education. Strong acquired skills in Linux System Administration, Management, IOT applications and Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
Sohail Anjum
Sohail AnjumMember
Dr. Muhammad Akif Khan
Dr. Muhammad Akif KhanDeputy Chairperson
Dr. Khalid Khan
Dr. Khalid KhanFounding Member
Experience with Knowledge Management: creation of knowledge networks and knowledge transfer partnerships for the knowledge economy, IOT. Pioneer of KP 4.0 – Tech-Driven ecosystem for the Govt of KP
Dr. Tufail
Dr. TufailMember
Mian Amir Abbas Kakakhel
Mian Amir Abbas KakakhelGeneral Secretary
Dr. Rafi-us-Shan
Dr. Rafi-us-ShanMember
Muhammad Tariq
Muhammad TariqChairperson
Dr. Umar Farooq
Dr. Umar FarooqFinance Secretary
Dr. Muhammad Abrar
Dr. Muhammad AbrarMember
Dr. Zubair
Dr. ZubairMember