1. A membership application shall be addressed to the General Secretary on a prescribed form in print or through electronic means and it shall be accompanied by evidence of submission of a non-refundable membership fee as prescribed from time to time.
  2. The kind, categories and fee of the members may be decided by the Executive Council in its first meeting.
  3. The General Secretary shall place the Membership Application From before the Executive Council, which shall duly consider the same on its merits before accepting or rejecting it. In case of rejection, the remedy of the application shall be to move the application to the general body.
  4. An approved member who paid all fees will be known as an active member.


A member is a person whose membership is approved by the concerned body.

A member shall:

  1. be a Pakistani adult male or female irrespective of his religion, caste, creed, political inclination or culture distinction; and
  2. be a sane person bearing good moral character;
  3. abide by all rules & bye-laws, all the decisions taken by the respective bodies of the Foundation, and amendments in the rules & bye-laws;
  4. subscribe in writing to carry out to the best of his capacity toward the achievement of the objectives of the Foundation;
  5. deposit membership fee as well as annual subscription fee as prescribed; and have no criminal record and anti-state conviction.

A member shall lose his membership on the following grounds:

  1. On his death.
  2. On his absence without permission of the Chairperson in three consecutive general body meetings.
  3. On his resigning from the membership of the Foundation at any time at his sweet will.
  4. By giving one month’s notice in writing to the General Secretary to terminate his Membership.
  5. On becoming mentally unsound.
  6. On creating hindrance in the achievements of the aims and objective of the Foundation.
  7. On being declared insolvent.
  8. On not paying his membership fee.
  9. On becoming involved in criminal and anti-state activities.

All questions affecting the professional conduct of a member of the member acting in contravention of the objectives and interests of the Foundation or is violating any resolution adopted at a General Body Meeting or at a meeting of the Executive Council shall be required into by the Executive Council or any sub-committee formed by Executive Council after reasonable show-cause notice to such member, the Executive Council may take action in one of the following manners:-

  1. By warning.
  2. By censure.
  3. By compelling the guilty member to offer a suitable apology.
  4. By asking the guilty member to resign from his membership of the Foundation.
  5. By recommending the suspension as the expulsion of such member to the General Body, which shall have, full powers to deal with the matter and whose decision shall be final.


1. In case membership is suspended temporarily for non-payment of subscription and failure to comply with show-cause notice by the Executive Council, it will automatically be reinstated with the payment of subscription.
2. In case of permanent cancellation, the member will be required to become a member anew.
3. The member will have the right to appeal before the General Body whose decision will be final and binding.
4. An Ex-Member, whose membership was terminated under Article 5 (B), may apply for re-admission to membership by paying the prescribed fee as a re-admission fee in addition to the arrears outstanding against him.


The office bearers and the members of Executive Council shall be bound to maintain secrecy over matters relating to Article 8 to 10 and 12 or any other matter which are under consideration by the Executive Council and/or in the General Body meeting.


A register containing the names and addresses of all members of the Foundation shall be kept in print and digital form at the registered office of the Foundation. All changes in addresses of the members should immediately be communicated in writing to the General Secretary at the Head Office of the Foundation as the case may be.