The foundation aims to encourage development and general use of open source technologies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, enhance participation in open source projects and build a collaborative community of educational institutions and software and hardware-based industries.

The objectives of the Foundation are as below:-

  1. Development and promotion of Open Source technologies in general.
  2. Provide stakeholders a platform for the exchange of views and experiences of open source technologies.
  3. Promote a wide range of academic and industrial open source initiatives.
  4. Expand Open Source at all levels of society.
  5. Bridge the gap between industry, academia and society in adopting and promoting Open Source technologies.
  6. Establish links with international Open Source communities.
  7. Encourage the indigenous development of Open Source Systems to cater for local needs.
  8. Engage, influence and convince policymakers, academicians, and industrialists to encourage and adopt Open Source technologies.
  9. Run awareness campaigns and evangelize the implementation of Open Source Software, hardware and other phenomenon to promote open source philosophy and thought process.
  10. Design and run capacity building programs including establishment of labs
  11. Open Institutional and regional Chapters, and
  12. Perform all other functions to achieve the objectives of the Foundation.


Two administrative bodies named by their titles as the General Body and the Executive Council and sub-committees formed by these bodies from time to time for purposes, shall control the administration of the Foundation.


The General Body shall consist of all active members of the Foundation.


Chairperson of the Executive Council shall be the first chairperson for a renewable term and after that second chairperson shall be elected as per election rules.

The General Body shall meet at least once in a year or whenever necessary with the consent of the Chairperson.

A 15 days prior notice will be essential for calling a General Body meeting. Under emergent circumstances meeting may be called by General Secretary with the approval of the Chairperson on a 24 hours notice or as the case may be.

Two fifths of the total membership will be the quorum of the meeting. In case of the adjourned meeting, there will be no quorum.

Annual Meeting
Annual meeting will be held preferably in the first week of January.


  1. To guide the foundation in fulfilling its objectives.
  2. To decide policy matters as the case may be
  3. To elect/nominate members of the Executive Council
  4. To form policies of the Foundation from time to time to fulfill its objectives.
  5. To examine and adopt annual Budget of the Foundation.
  6. To consider and adopt Annual Report of the foundation.
  7. To consider and decide a motion of no confidence against a member of Executive Council.
  8. To consider and decide cases and appeals of suspension, expulsion, termination of membership of bodies of the Foundation.
  9. To consider and give decision for and against any disputed matter of Executive Council
  10. To act in the best interest of the foundation.

 Special General Body Meeting.

Any seven members of the Foundation may at any time by notice in writing to the General Secretary require him to call a special General Body Meeting of the members of the Foundation to consider such matter as may be brought before it, provided that such notice shall be given 10 days before the holding of the meeting and shall specify the matters to be discussed. The General Secretary shall issue copies of this to the members within three days of its receipt and call the special general body meeting. In case of emergency, the Chairperson and General Secretary may call a special general body meeting at any moment after giving reasonable notice to the members.

Reconsideration of Decision by General Body Meeting.

No decision of the general body meeting will be reconsidered within a period of six months after it is made, except on a requisition signed by at least one-third of the active members for this purpose. The previous decision can only be raised if more than one-half of the total members vote against it.

Executive Council


  1. The governing body shall be the Executive Council consisting of not less than seven and not more than eleven members.
  2. General Body will elect/nominate members of the Executive Council of the Foundation in its general meeting after every three years. The following shall be the office bearers of the first governing body of the Foundation who shall hold office until first election of Executive Council in the first annual general meeting of the Foundation.
  3. Membership  All the officer bearers of Executive Council will be elected through general election unless appointed to fill any casual vacancy occurring during the tenure of the Executive Council elected or nominated.
  4. The General Body will fix remuneration of the paid members of the Executive Council in its general meetings from time to time
  5. No person shall be eligible for election/appointment as an office bearer of the Executive Council unless he is regular member of the Foundation.
  • Term of membership
    The term of the Executive Council shall be three years; a member whose term expires shall be eligible for re-election.
    The Executive Council shall ordinarily meet once in every three months, provided that the Chairperson may, where he thinks or on the written request of not less than two members may call a special meeting of the Executive Council.